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Is there a right and wrong way to deliver a bowl? Absolutely not – there are as many fine delivery styles as there are good bowlers. The pictures above illustrate some good – and bad – pointers to achieving a successful bowls delivery.


  1. The body position is low. As a result the bowl will not ‘bounce’.
  2. The stride is long so there is ample forward momentum producing energy.
  3. The trailing foot is ‘on or over the mat’ so the delivery is legal.
  4. The left hand is anchored on the left knee, as a result the delivery platform has stability.
  5. The left shoulder, eyes and delivery hand are aligned to the bowls delivery line so increasing the likelihood of the bowl starting out on the right path.


  1. The fingers of the delivery hand are splayed sideways – they should be pointing directly downwards. As a result the bowl will start its trajectory at a cant, defeating the natural kick-in point of the bias.
  2. The leading foot is pointing in a completely different direction to the delivery line so the body is fighting with itself about which line the delivery should take. It should be aligned to the aiming point.
  3. The body is attempting to move in at least five different directions at once (see red lines) so once again the energy that could be focused along the delivery line is being undermined.