Size 0000 bowls are now legal


Smaller is harder to hit

Some people say that playing with a smaller bowl puts you at a disadvantage because it moves further when struck.

I’ve had bowlers, especially men, come into our shop and insist on a size 4 or 5 because, not to put to fine a point on it, bowling with anything less is an affront to their manhood.

They seem to be anxious that one day in a mixed triples they’ll hear the phrase “Oh, you’ve got small bowls”.

Well, ballistics tests prove that displacement anxiety is overblown. ANY bowl of any size can be displaced by a player using controlled weight, whereas a drawn bowl will displace a size 00 near the jack hardly at all, and not at all if it isn’t on it’s running edge.

On the other hand, the smaller the bowl nestling just behind the jack, the harder it will be to target. So the launch of competition-legal size triple zero and quad zero bowls (000 and 0000) will be welcomed by all bowlers with small hands, or arthritis, or Parkinsons, or any other issue that means 00 size is not quite small enough.

Drakes Pride have always made a ‘Junior’ bowl with a diameter of 9.85 cm, but they are not stamped for competition use. This compares with 11 cm for the competition legal size 00 Professional model.

The new World Bowls stamped and approved Drakes Pride Professional lawn bowls size 0000 is approx 10.25 cm, and the size 000 is 10.6 cm and although the differences seem small it will make ALL the difference.

Prices for the new sizes are £225 (Black) and £255 (colours).  Now in stock for you to touch and feel.

As for the debate about whether a bowl smaller than a 00 will get ‘knocked about’ by bigger bowls in a match situation … let’s knock that one on the head!

Get small legal bowls!

Bowls for children

The smallest lawn bowls available, especially for children’s hands. Suitable for ages 4-10.

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The best lifter yet

Telescopic – fits into any bag or locker – new design

Check out the Booster Lifter

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It’s a glove, Jim, but….

Bowls Glove?

Could this be the best bowls glove?

Ever keen to see innovation in the sport your correspondent struck gold in the first week of the new outdoor season. It is wet, of course, and the green is wet. Holding onto a slippery wet bowl is never easy.

Choosing a grip-enhancing product is on many bowlers minds at this time of year. Sales of Grippo, Monkey Grip, Wilgrip, Bulldog Grip and Champion spray polish (when meagre stocks can be found) are always strong in April and May.

Bowls gloves are also selling well, but that may be about to change. Seen on the green this week – a bowler wearing a latex surgical glove.

Since it is perfectly acceptable to use leather or faux-leather gloves, and/or apply any of the above-mentioned products to either hands or bowls, there can be no reason to think that the wearing of a surgical glove should be singled out as unacceptable.

The laws of the sport don’t ban them. You couldn’t say wearing a surgical glove gives a player any greater advantage than wearing a traditional bowls glove or using a wax or rubber-based grip paste or solution.

Unless, that is, the latex glove is such a superior solution to the problem of slippery bowls that anyone who is not using one could be said to be at a distinct disadvantage. Even then, anyone who wants to can choose to wear a latex glove.

Financially they make good sense too. A bowls glove from Drakes Pride or OBG costs around £9.50. A box of 200 (yes, two hundred) disposable latex gloves can be had for a similar amount.

I’m off to the green to try a latex glove…



Playing bowls can prove advantageous

Our company has a particular speciality; the sport of bowls. We want as many people as possible to participate in the sport, whether they are new to it or experienced players. You can’t simply begin playing as you are however. You’re going to need the right equipment to play indoors and outside. Luckily, we have all the essentials in our bowls shop. Each item is available for a reasonable price, and some come in an array of designs to suit different needs. You can even buy securely from us online. Continue reading


How to improve your grip

Whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors it is important to ensure you have a good grip on your bowl at the moment of delivery.At Bush Hill Bowls, we are here to help you to get just that. For starters we offer a wide array of useful products you can rely on. In addition, we have outlined a few tips below so you can improve your finger placement. Continue reading


Advice for junior bowlers

At Bush Hill Bowls we strive to offer the perfect range of products so that people of all ages can get involved in the sport. We have options to suit any skill levels too. One thing we understand is how tricky it can be for young people to start playing. That is why we offer a selection of bowls for juniors, sized for smaller hands so it’s easier for them to get familiar with the sport. Continue reading


The proper clothing etiquette of lawn bowls

Our company specialises in providing bowlers with top quality bowls shirts. The merchandise we have is suitable for indoor play when the rain is pouring and for outside events when the sun is out. Not only this, but everything is very reasonably priced too.

Are there clothing requirements?

Similar to other sports with a deep history, lawn bowls comes with its own unique system of clothing. In part, this has been established in the game’s tradition. There is also a requirement for participants to own garments that are easy to maintain and comfortable to play in.

It’s a headline characteristic of the game that clubs and players both take pride in preserving the dress standards. The National governing body, Bowls England, defines the overall dress code which clubs can modulate – within limits! Some dismiss such orthodoxy as being archaic. However, the fact is that these clothing and behavioural norms apply to numerous other classic yet current sports, including tennis, cricket, and golf. All of these have been changing and bowls is no exception with a strong lobby now pressing for a relaxation of the rules, particularly to encourage more youngsters to play the game.

More focused and disciplined

In truth, donning the right clothes can assist players with their focus and discipline. Even for informal matches, changing into the proper attire sends a powerful indication to the player and those surrounding them. It tells them that they’re here to play and that they are serious.

Sirroco bowls shirt

When playing indoors, all you need is an appropriate shirt, some bowls trousers, and smooth soled shoes. On days with mild weather conditions, these same garments shall be sufficient for outdoor matches. This is as long as the weather stays on your side. Should it get sunnier or wetter, then additional protection will be necessary.

At Bush Hill Bowls, we make bowls shirts made from the best fabric. A great option is clothing made from 170gm Sirroco fabric due to the material’s soft and breathable features. In addition it is not challenging to wash.

If that wasn’t enough, shirts include all colours, designs, badges and even individual names in the price as the shirts are sublimation printed. For a £3 charge, if preferred, thread embroidery is possible too. That way you can ensure every shirt is personal.

If there’s anything we can do for you, please let us know.


When does a Delivery Start?

When should a skip tell a bowler what shot to attempt? Logically, that’s when the bowler is ready to start their delivery…but when exactly is that?

A bowler that uses a static stance will position themselves on the mat and then wait for instructions.

But what about the bowler whose delivery is a fluid motion that includes four linked stages – walking onto the mat down the delivery line, pendulum backswing, pendulum forward-swing and follow-through with one or more steps off the mat and down the green?

For this bowler, according to the tutors on the Level 2 BDA Bowls Coaching course, the skip needs to give instructions BEFORE the bowler begins the delivery – which means before they step onto the mat.

Is this realistic? After all, until you step onto the mat you don’t really see the line.

But perhaps you should? Is this part of the concentration that the best bowlers achieve? Could it be a missing link that would improve delivery consistency?

I’ll tell you what – I’m certainly going to ask my skip to give it a try!


Water management wins the game

The BHP Skip had retired with breathing difficulties. One minute I was spectating a Middlesex Triples match between Broomfield and Bush Hill Park. The next I was in the game.

It was a dark and stormy night. The rain came down in torrents. And the number two said to young Jerry “You’re on, leading and the jack has already been cast.”

All three opposition players were County standard or higher. When they saw me come on they must have licked their lips and smelled victory.

That’s now how it turned out. Why? Because despite their experience, they couldn’t handle the water… and I could.

Between ends, I scooped out a dollop of Aero Monkey Grip into my left palm and gently rubbed my hands together. By the time I picked up my bowl for the next delivery my grip was solid and reliable.

They got back to 13-13 on the 16th end, then we got a five. Their consolation shot on the last end was game over. My warm glow lasted for several days …. and I’m bowling better than ever since that night!


Jack high or Waist high?

The first new bowls gadget for 100 years?

A strange and wonderful new sentence has appeared in the yet-to-be-published Fourth Edition of the ‘The Laws of World Bowls’, law 23.3.

In case you haven’t got the Third Edition about your person as you read this (and if not, why not?), law 23.3 bans measuring in the head before the last bowl of an end has come to rest

But the Fourth Edition will clarify that using ‘devices comprising concentric circles within a transparent frame which are held approximately waist high’ during an end will not be deemed to be in breach of Law 23.3

This update is surely most odd. So what could have persuaded World Bowls to introduce this most closely described of exceptions the laws?

Well, it’s not What, but Who? Australian bowler Dave Goode has invented a device which exactly matches the Fourth Edition description. Called the Bowls Eye, it is a piece of clear perspex engraved with concentric circles, and when held above the jack at approximately waist height allows someone at the head to more easily distinguish which bowls are closer to the jack. It looks like this:


and here’s a video of it being used.

I can think of one particular circumstance in which this could be very useful. At a recent singles match a bowler with one bowl left to bowl asked the marker ‘What’s the situation?’

The marker, of course, is not allowed to measure. He had several choices, including, but not exhaustively – “It’s a measure” or “You’re holding”, or “You’re one down.”

“You’re holding”, he shouted back down the green. The bowler indicated that he would not bowl has last bowl. But on arriving at the head, his opponent asked for a measure, and won the match.

If the marker had had a Bowls Eye in his pocket, perhaps the outcome would have been different. But there is another Law, 42.2.7, which the Fourth Edition does not clarify. The marker, when asked, must “tell or show the player in possession of the rink which bowl or bowls the marker considers to be shot.”

But can a marker use a Bowls Eye? That is the question!

If you want to try Bowls Eye for yourself, our first shipment from Australia arrives in the first week of October. You can pre-order here at the early-bird price of just £22, but be quick – the normal price of £29.99 will apply to orders placed after October 15th.

Enjoy indoors,