A doting father was watching his daughter in a County match. She was bowling beautifully, her concentration was full-on and she was putting bowl after bowl on the jack.

One of the spectators asked the father: “She’s amazing: what size bowls does she bowl with – I thought she used bigger ones?”

“They’re a size 2 now”, said Dad “though at the start of the season, before all her competition rounds, they were a size 7!”

(This is a true eavesdropping. If you’ve got one to share from rinkside or bar, let us know: there’s a £10 shop voucher for every one we publish.)


Boost club funds

Need a new idea to boost club funds?
Why not add chalk sprays, measures and grip to your bar stock?
Although the bowls majors (Taylor, Aero, Henselite etc) won’t supply you directly if you don’t have a shop, they don’t mind if you buy from us and sell from behind your club bar.

We will supply you with what you need, and you’ll be able to add the profits to your club funds. Call Jerry on 07973 890368 for more details.


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  • Henselite Grippo Tube 40gm

    Henselite Grippo Tube 40gm

    The most popular bowls cream for pre-game tuning of your bowls. Best applied after washing and drying the bowls.
    We have had customers who come and say they don't want Grippo because they don't want to polish their bowls and the tube says 'Bowls polish'.
    We at the shop sympathise - after all, when you polish something it becomes all shiny and slippery. Frankly it's a marketing mistake by the good people at Henselite who are losing sales because some customers in our shop think they should only buy this product when they hang up their wets for the last time and prepare to lock their favourite Tiger Pros in a glass case for their great grandchildren to admire.
    HOWEVER - there is a twist - or rather true grit - in this polish as our lab tests have confirmed. As well as looking shiny, bowls which receive an application of Grippo, buffed and rubbed conscientiously, acquire a rubbery friction, as if a monkey from a latex tree had licked the bowl's circumference and set it to dry in the tropical sunshine. In short - it does what it says on the tube.

    Henselite Grippo Tube 40gm

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