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At Bush Hill Bowls we strive to offer the perfect range of products so that people of all ages can get involved in the sport. We have options to suit any skill levels too. One thing we understand is how tricky it can be for young people to start playing. That is why we offer a selection of bowls for juniors, sized for smaller hands so it’s easier for them to get familiar with the sport.

It’s likely the case that junior participants won’t be as experienced as their older peers. We want them to be prepared for what lies ahead of them. In order to accomplish this, we’ve also put together some advice on bowls that they should read.

Bowls for juniors

In lawn bowls it’s the circumference of the bowl that determines whether it’s too big, too small or just the right size. Adult lawn bowls sizes start at 00 (smallest) up to 5 (largest). Even the 00 are too large for children’s hands, so there are junior bowls models (see below) specially for them.

The right way to hold a bowl

Next, we’re going to talk about holding the bowl. In truth, there’s no official way of doing this. Some like having their fingers and thumbs at the side. Others prefer to cradle their bowl. At times, you’ll witness the claw grip – think of those claws that try to lift the teddy bear in the seaside amusement arcade!. Such a style gives more control than the cradle grip, but it’s trickier to master. The best approach to use would be the one you feel most comfortable with.

At Bush Hill Bowls, you can choose between both the Taylor Ace and Drakes Pride Professional bowls for juniors. These designs are ideal for those young bowlers who find themselves unable to use a normal sized bowl. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

If these products interest you and you’d like to know more, you’re more than welcome to contact us.