When should a skip tell a bowler what shot to attempt? Logically, that’s when the bowler is ready to start their delivery…but when exactly is that?

A bowler that uses a static stance will position themselves on the mat and then wait for instructions.

But what about the bowler whose delivery is a fluid motion that includes four linked stages – walking onto the mat down the delivery line, pendulum backswing, pendulum forward-swing and follow-through with one or more steps off the mat and down the green?

For this bowler, according to the tutors on the Level 2 BDA Bowls Coaching course, the skip needs to give instructions BEFORE the bowler begins the delivery – which means before they step onto the mat.

Is this realistic? After all, until you step onto the mat you don’t really see the line.

But perhaps you should? Is this part of the concentration that the best bowlers achieve? Could it be a missing link that would improve delivery consistency?

I’ll tell you what – I’m certainly going to ask my skip to give it a try!