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Our company has a particular speciality; the sport of bowls. We want as many people as possible to participate in the sport, whether they are new to it or experienced players. You can’t simply begin playing as you are however. You’re going to need the right equipment to play indoors and outside. Luckily, we have all the essentials in our bowls shop. Each item is available for a reasonable price, and some come in an array of designs to suit different needs. You can even buy securely from us online.

Every type of sport benefits your health, regardless of how gentle it is. If you’re participating in lawn bowls, a well known team sport, it can also elevate your social life. It doesn’t matter how old you are either. This is a fantastic pastime for everyone. Below we’re going to look at some of the reasons why.


Physical liveliness not only keeps you active, but it prevents you from becoming bored. In terms of the fitness side of things, it aids in amplifying muscle strength. This is true for the legs, shoulders, and arms. Additionally, it does wonders for your endurance and flexibility as well.

Playing can benefit mental health too. As you might expect, the game gets its players into the fresh air, helping to palliate anxiety and depression. You will also find your confidence improving the more you play. Bowls even presents you with the opportunity to meet new and interesting people.

Improving your skills

This final point is an obvious one, but participating in bowls can aid you in expanding your skill set. The sport involves some degree of problem solving. It helps to enhance concentration and co-ordination as well.

At the Bush Hill Bowls shop we have fitting rooms where you can try on all the clothing items before you purchase them. We also possess merchandise designed specifically for disabled players. The most significant example of this would be the Para Handy Bowls Wheelchair, which is suitable for exterior and interior use.

If our goods interest you and you’d like more details, please get in touch. You can also browse products on our website.