Almark Lawn BowlsAlmark is a brand belonging to Henselite. Henselite is the only bowls manufacturer that offers an ‘entry level’ brand and a ‘professional’ brand. Almark bowls are in no way inferior in quality to Henselite ones, but are a lot less expensive. This makes them ideal for new bowlers who aren’t sure if they are going to like the game but want to get started with their own equipment.

Almark calls these bowls ‘Slimline’ and that needs explaining. Bowlers use the word ‘line’ to describe how much curve a bowl takes on its way to the jack. So the use of ‘Slimline’ in this bowl’s name might make you think they have a narrow line when delivered.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This bowl takes a line comparable to the Drakes Pride Professional or the Taylor Ace. What ‘slimline’ refers to is the width of the bowl in your hand – it is slimmer than the equivalent size of either of the two models just mentioned. This allows those with smaller hands to find a comfortable grip.

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  • Almark Sterling Slimline

    Almark Sterling Slimline

    £225.00 - £290.00
    The Almark Sterling Slimline is a slimmer profile bowl designed with a mid-bias. Ideal for all surfaces and suitable for bowlers wanting to play the same set all year round.

    Available in sizes 00 - 4 in black and speckled colours midnight blue and ocean green, red ruby rich and granite black

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    Almark Sterling Slimline

    £225.00 - £290.00
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