What makes men’s bowls clothing and footwear different from other sports? Well, can you imagine getting off the bus and walking straight onto a football pitch, golf course, cricket pitch or tennis court?

Even if you changed into your team shirt before you left the house there’s at least one item you will only put on when you’re about to play the game – the footwear.

Unlike many other sports shoes, bowls footwear isn’t so much designed to give you grip, acceleration or slip-free turns on a sixpence.

Yes it gives you a modicum of grip, but as you deliver standing on a rubber mat, most of the grip is provided by the mat itself.

No, the thing about bowls shoes and trainers is that they must protect the grass from being damaged when you deliver your bowl and step through the delivery.

As for the rest of your clothing, it very much depends on the local rules at your club. Some clubs are VERY traditional, and require a strict dress code. Others, especially those intending to stay open for years to come, have realised that a more relaxed attitude to what you wear will encourage new members to join.

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