This three bowl bag is a must.  No more carrying 4 bowls when only 3 are needed.  No more using two dual bowl bags.  Now carry 3 bowls when only 3 bowls will do.

If you are a logistically organised bowler and like everything to be just so, then a three bowl bag may just be the right piece of equipment for the bowler who has everything else.

3 Bowl Bag

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3 Bowl Bag
3 Bowl Bag
3 Bowl Bag
3 Bowl Bag
3 Bowl Bag
3 Bowl Bag
3 Bowl Bag

3 Bowl Bag

When you KNOW you're playing a triple it can be really annoying to carry four bowls out onto the green and leave one in the bag on the bank. Here's the solution in search of that very annoyance - a three-bowl-bag so you can decant your bowls, like a fine wine, and take just the three with you. How romantic!
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Manufactured from 600D fabric by leading craftsmen using the highest quality materials. All bags are supplied with heavyweight zips and sturdy hard wearing handles.  With 4 colour options to choose from at a remarkably low price these are just the job for triples-team logistics.


1 Reviews for 3 Bowl Bag

  • Thanks for great service - Tuesday, October 6, 2020
    Good Morning, I have just received the 2 x Three bowls bags that I ordered yesterday and would like to thank you for your excellent service, I’m very happy.
    Thanks again
    Mr M Taylor
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Why are there two, three and four bowl bags, as well as two and four bowl carriers (but, strangely, not three bowl carriers?)

The range of carrying products aligns with the modalities of bowls play. Singles, pairs, triples and rinks all require you to use a specific number of bowls.
Carrying the right number of bowls to and from the green is much easier if you have a bag or carrier designed for the purpose.
 So for Singles and Pairs games you take all four bowls to the green. For triples it’s just three bowls. When you are playing in a team of four (also know, confusingly as a ‘rink’) then you only use two bowls.

Luggage is one of the main expenses for a bowls player, but it’s more a necessity than a luxury. Bowls are heavy – even the smallest 0000-size bowls weight 2 1/2 pounds or 1.1 Kg. So carrying four around from house to car, from car to changing room and from changing room to the greenside is some quite serious lifting.

A trolley bag on wheels gets you from house to car and from car to changing room. You may think that a normal luggage trolley will do the job, and they are less expensive than the purpose-designed bowls trolleys you will see in bowls shops.

There is a problem, however, with the design of your typical holiday luggage trolley. The iron bars of the collapsible handle are housed INSIDE the body of the luggage trolley. That means the bowls can bounce against the metal tubes and sustain damage.

Bowls trolleys are design with the collapsible handle housing on the OUTSIDE of the luggage area, so there is no possibility of any contact between the bowl and the metal structure.



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