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Our company specialises in providing bowlers with top quality bowls shirts. The merchandise we have is suitable for indoor play when the rain is pouring and for outside events when the sun is out. Not only this, but everything is very reasonably priced too.

Are there clothing requirements?

Similar to other sports with a deep history, lawn bowls comes with its own unique system of clothing. In part, this has been established in the game’s tradition. There is also a requirement for participants to own garments that are easy to maintain and comfortable to play in.

It’s a headline characteristic of the game that clubs and players both take pride in preserving the dress standards. The National governing body, Bowls England, defines the overall dress code which clubs can modulate – within limits! Some dismiss such orthodoxy as being archaic. However, the fact is that these clothing and behavioural norms apply to numerous other classic yet current sports, including tennis, cricket, and golf. All of these have been changing and bowls is no exception with a strong lobby now pressing for a relaxation of the rules, particularly to encourage more youngsters to play the game.

More focused and disciplined

In truth, donning the right clothes can assist players with their focus and discipline. Even for informal matches, changing into the proper attire sends a powerful indication to the player and those surrounding them. It tells them that they’re here to play and that they are serious.

Sirroco bowls shirt

When playing indoors, all you need is an appropriate shirt, some bowls trousers, and smooth soled shoes. On days with mild weather conditions, these same garments shall be sufficient for outdoor matches. This is as long as the weather stays on your side. Should it get sunnier or wetter, then additional protection will be necessary.

At Bush Hill Bowls, we make bowls shirts made from the best fabric. A great option is clothing made from 170gm Sirroco fabric due to the material’s soft and breathable features. In addition it is not challenging to wash.

If that wasn’t enough, shirts include all colours, designs, badges and even individual names in the price as the shirts are sublimation printed. For a £3 charge, if preferred, thread embroidery is possible too. That way you can ensure every shirt is personal.

If there’s anything we can do for you, please let us know.