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Item 1: Not so much a night of the long knives, more the morning of the guillotine. Never have so many ministers been culled in one day than by Boris this week. This is a BIG CHANGE.

Item 2: In comparison, the loss of a single bowlswear supplier might not seem so terrible.  Emsmorn, which closed its doors gracefully this week after 37 years, cited a reduction in customers and a big hike in overseas production costs. In the world of bowls this too is a BIG CHANGE.

Item 3: The Markle effect. Yes Meghan Markle has become a fan of lawn bowls after watching people playing from her window at Frogmore Cottage on the Queen’s Windsor estate. The entranced Duchess chatted to players from the Royal Household Bowling club next door to her home.

This could be THE BIGGEST CHANGE OF ALL. Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told the Daily Express: “One day someone will be a bowls champion because of what Meghan said.”

One thought on “Ems Mourn – poor Timing?

    Emsmorn did close its doors – but the brand has been acquired by Greengauge. Here’s the full story as told to us on 31July 2019 by Greengauge UK MD Graham Robertson:

    “When the opportunity arose to acquire Emsmorn, one of the UK’s long-standing bowling brands, we knew immediately this
    quality brand plus others such as, Ventilite, and Drilite were a perfect fit to sit beside the world’s leading bowling brand
    Henselite within our Greengauge Sports Division. The deal itself required a significant initial investment to acquire the Stock,
    Emsmorn Intellectual Property, and Website and we were well placed to secure that deal. Further investment will be required
    in the short term to ensure stock levels reach the required level and we are looking to achieve that over the coming months.
    By integrating the full Emsmorn product range into our East Lothian based operation it provides us with an enhanced platform
    for our Greengauge Sports business to expand, and at the same time it secures more job opportunities for East Lothian which
    on a personal level is pleasing”

    Retiring Emsmorn directors Richard and Stuart Green added the following information:

    “The Team at Emsmorn have thoroughly enjoyed these last 40 years but the offer from Argyle International Ltd t/a
    Greengauge for the Emsmorn brand came at the right time for my brother and I as we look to retire safe in the certain
    knowledge that Greengauge will rejuvenate and absorb our brand within its extensive product range.

    Drawing on the resources of its International Bowls distribution network and in conjunction with other famous Bowls
    brands Henselite, Almark, Prohawk, and Dawn under its umbrella; Greengauge Sports will be able to achieve further
    market expansion ensuring a healthy future within the Lawn Bowls market.

    We wish them well and take this opportunity to thank all who have supported our brand this past forty years”

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