Almark bowls are the least expensive of all the bowls you can buy.  The brand is owned by Henselite.

Back in the 1980s when the Almark brand was introduced, Aero didn’t exist, which made Henselite the most pricey bowls on the planet.

Perhaps that’s why, in order not to lose business, especially from new bowlers, Henselite introduced the Almark models and priced them underneath comparable bowls from Taylor and Drakes Pride.

Understanding that a comfortable feel of the bowl in hand was the most important sign of the right sized bowl, the designers also decided against offering Heavy or Medium weight options, so all Almark Sterling Slimline bowls are stamped HM (heavy-medium).

The word ‘Slimline’ refers to the shape of the bowl in your hand, not the line of the delivered bowl, which has a decent medium bias.

Almark bowls are an excellent choice for anyone taking up the sport of lawn bowls.  They are in no way inferior to any other brand …. they just cost less!

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  • Almark Sterling Slimline

    Almark Sterling Slimline

    £225.00 - £290.00
    The Almark Sterling Slimline is a slimmer profile bowl designed with a mid-bias. Ideal for all surfaces and suitable for bowlers wanting to play the same set all year round.

    Available in sizes 00 - 4 in black and speckled colours midnight blue and ocean green, red ruby rich and granite black

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    Almark Sterling Slimline

    £225.00 - £290.00
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