Men’s bowls trousers and shorts said the sign on the bowls shop door. A man walked in and said “I’d like a pair of grey bowls trousers.”

The shop assistant, whose name happened to be Denise, replied. “Of course. We have trousers by Taylor Bowls, Emsmorn Drakes Pride and Henselite. Do you have a preference?”

“Not really” said the man. I’m a new bowler so I’ll take your advice. I do know that I won’t need white ones for a few weeks as I’ll only be playing on club nights. I take a 38 waist and 29 leg.”

Denise showed the man bowls trousers by Taylor Bowls and Emsmorn.  “What’s the difference?” asked the man.

“Emsmorn are made from a slightly lighter material – weight not colour,” Denise replied, “so on a hot day they will be fresher. The Taylor option is made from a somewhat heavier artificial jersey knit and are warmer. Otherwise both are equally acceptable.”

“What about price?”

“The Emsmorn Prolite are £2 less than the Taylor Sports” Denise said. “But we don’t have all the sizes in the Prolite as the Emsmorn company recently closed when the owners retired, so there are less pairs in circulation.”

“Can I try them both on?”

“Of course. Our fitting room is upstairs.”

The man went into the fitting room. A few minutes later he called downstairs.

“These are both like track-suit bottoms. I thought we had to wear formal trousers, with a proper waist and belt loops?”

“well, you could always buy such a pair of grey trousers from M&S, so we don’t tend to stock them here. We don’t get asked for them these days.”

“Ah, so these are OK? I won’t look silly at the club in these?”

“No, not at all. In fact very few players wear formal, belted trousers to play bowls nowadays.”

“Excellent”, said the man. After trying on both pairs he came downstairs and said to Denise: “I’ll take both pairs, so I’ll be ready for hot sunny days and cool windy ones.”

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