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Whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors it is important to ensure you have a good grip on your bowl at the moment of delivery. At Bush Hill Bowls, we are here to help you to get just that. For starters we offer a wide array of useful products you can rely on. In addition, we have outlined a few tips below so you can improve your finger placement.

Where is the best place for your fingers?

There are many reasons you may be having issues placing your fingers on the bowls. Whether you are new to the sport or are looking to see if you can improve your performance, we can help you.

Although people disagree on the perfect place to put your fingers, there are aspects almost everyone agrees with. When you’re looking at your hold and grip, you want your fingers, particularly the middle finger, to be the last thing that touches the bowl. You need to hold the weight with your fingertips, rather than griping with your thumb or your little finger. Try placing your middle finger in the centre of the bowl on the running surface. Your thumb and little finger should be on either side of the bowl.

If your bowl has dimples, place your index and ring fingers there. This will help you improve your method; many other people use this technique. You can always practice with different methods to find what works for you. You may decide to also place your ring finger on the running surface.

Try a bowls grip product

As well as mastering the technique of where to place your fingers, to ensure you have good grip why not look at our range of ‘sticky’ grip products? We have a wide range to suit your needs. Whether you want a gripping agent, polish, wax block or a cloth, you’ll be surprised by how effective they can be. It only takes a small amount of product, either polished into the bowl before play starts or even applied directly to your hand or fingers to make your grip and delivery more effective.

Bowls grip products can help you with the way you are holding the bowl, and can also improve your technique. Have a look at what Bush Hill Bowls has to offer you. Contact us today, we always respond promptly to any emails and phone calls.