Second hand Drakes Pride bowls and new bargains.
For sale here are the ex-demo, new with last year’s datestamp and pre-loved bowls available in the shop right now and ready for immediate shipping to you.

All the Drakes Pride bowls here have been quality checked and priced according to their year of manufacture and condition.


SH = Second Hand
XD = ex-Demo (very light use)
BND = Brand New Dated with datestamp from earlier year
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  • Drakes Pride Professional 00H

    Drakes Pride Professional 00H

    This is a rarely offered second-hand size 00 brown set of Drakes Pride professional bowls with almost completely flawless surfaces - any faint scratches are barely visible and will polish out instantly.

    The datestamp is 2026, so despite being nearly three years since it was manufactured this set looks and feels literally brand new - it can only have been used indoors, and then only once or twice.

    This makes at an ideal buy for a bowler looking for a competition-legal set at a very advantageous price - in fact a saving of £55 over the same set bought this year.

    Drakes Pride Professional 00H

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